Tuesday, 26 February 2013

California Kissin' | Benefit

I'm not so good with keeping up my promises to myself am I? I thought "I'll just keep off Blogger until the exams are over with", but no, here I am! I just had to post about this little baby which I received from my sister recently. I think this is quite an old product, but is still available on the Benefit website anyway (for 20 dollars).

Basically this lip gloss is "smile brightening", due to the blue tint it has (it really is seriously blue when you first see it), and also includes little specks of glitter. Taken from Benefit's website :

 Our minty lip shine freshens your breath and brightens your smile. So pick a partner and let the kissin' begin! The subtle blue sheen makes teeth appear whiter and the minty taste freshens breath!

I'm going to come straight out and say; I really love it. I've heard many reviews saying that this literally turns your lips blue, however this wasn't a problem for me. It instantly did brighten up my smile and I love wearing this with minimal make-up for that really natural glowing look! The formula is very nice and smooth, and last for quite some time before needing re-application.

The minty smell/flavour is definitely one of the major benefits of using this gloss, however despite the lovely scent, I don't think it would be great to rely on it to "freshen your breath".

Overall I think this is a really gorgeous product, consistent with the quality of other Benefit products. The price tag to me seems pretty hefty for just a lip gloss, as there are many alternatives out there, but again you are paying for good quality (and adorable packaging). It seems to be lasting quite some time too, and doesn't dry out my usually chapped-prone lips.

Have you tried any Benefit lip products? Do you think they're worth the price tag?