Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Think I'm in Love With Cocoa Brown

Another update from college? Definitely getting into the swing of posting on the go ;)

Anyway, today I'm just giving you little review of my new obsession : Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan by Marissa Carter. After seeing another blogger's review of this product I immediately wanted to try it and found it in my local Sam McCauley's. At just 7.99 euro (!) there was nothing to lose.

To give you a little overview of what this promises to do (taken from the official website here) :

Easy to apply this first-of-a-kind formulation combines hi tech accelerating agents, which are activated upon contact with skin and speed up the tan's absorption and development, to deliver a rich, cocoa brown tan.
After just one hour, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 Hour Tan can be rinsed off and the tan will continue to develop for up to three hours, giving a gorgeous authentic, golden-brown tan lasting up to 5 days.
If you prefer a deeper, darker cocoa brown coloured tan you can leave the product on your skin for up to three hours and then shower.

And I have to say, that is pretty much spot on. I have a love/hate relationship with tan usually (I love the colour/the product hates my skin) however this tan is like a dream to apply! I have tried many brands before, and all of them applied quite patchy to my dry-ish skin (not the products fault, however Cocoa Brown glides on and doesn't stick to my dryer areas, score).
The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and really doesn't look like fake tan. It warms up my pale complexion perfectly, and what's even better, it really does last for up to 5 days, which is really perfect for having a lovely glow during the week without need for any effort.
Probably the biggest question when asked about tan is: doesn't it smell horrible!? Well, this one doesn't. It's has a floral scent put in, and contrary to other tans I've tried, doesn't leave a tan scent/stain on clothes/bedsheets.
I'm seriously impressed with this product, and I've been using it regularly for the past couple of weeks. It had always been a huge pain for me to apply fake tan and watch it apply patchy etc., so you can imagine how amazed I was at Cocoa Brown!
To sum it up: smooth and easy application (colour is visible whilst applying), lovely mousse texture, extremely quick drying time, no overbearing fake-tan scent, gorgeous golden colour, and oh yeah, you can shower an hour after applying!? Amazing.
What's your favourite fake-tan? Do you like them? Have you tried Cocoa Brown?