Friday, 15 February 2013

The Body Shop: Coconut Lip Butter

So if you follow my blog regularly you'll know that a) I'm after developing quite a serious obsession with The Body Shop and b) I recently purchased this baby. Coconut Lip Butter.

One word: Yum.

"Yum" in the "this smells absolutely amazingly fantastic" sense, not the"tastes good" sense. It does not taste great. Do not eat. However, the smell is seriously divine. I'm a tad obsessed with anything to do with holidays/the beach, and the only way to describe the scent is literally the beach. Or you know, coconut. Enough with my terrible descriptions though, you get the gist.

I bought this pot (10ml) for 7.50 euro which I really thought was very expensive for just a little pot of lip butter, but as per usual you definitely get quality when buying Body Shop products.

Very smooth, creamy texture, lovely and light. Easy to pick up and apply (although I have to say I'm not looking forward to when the product starts to disappear as I always have long nails and hate having to awkwardly dig into pots). You definitely only need to use the tiniest of amounts as it spreads extremely well.

Does a very good job of softening my (literally 24/7) chapped lips. I've noticed it makes them look really lovely too and I've started to just put this on in the mornings and go without lipstick.

Before using this, EOS lip balm had been my go-to lip care product. However, after trying this lip butter I have to say I tend to use this more often as I like the texture of a butter just that little bit better.

So all-in-all, very good product, slightly on the pricey side but this looks like it will last me a very long time. Definitely suits my lips in contrast to many other products which ended up drying them out like crazy within 10 minutes of application. Pretty impressed with The Body Shop yet again!

Have you tried this product? Also, have any of you tried "Balmi"? I've been seeing it around lately and I'm so curious to find out what it's like!