Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stubborn Tan? No problem.

So, a couple of days ago I was delighted to see my postman coming down the driveway clutching a bright pink parcel. Yes, I received some of this genius stuff from Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter and couldn't wait to try! Unfortunately however, I had to wait a while until my trusty Cocoa Brown Tan was sufficiently faded to properly give it a test.

Tough Stuff, as you can see, is described as "a no nonsense scrub for rough areas", and comes in gorgeously pink packaging. Upon first impressions I thought it was a use-once-only packet, but there is actually a lot of product and would definitely be enough for multiple uses.

As a huge fan of Cocoa Brown Tan, my expectations were high, and Tough Stuff didn't disappoint. I will admit I was slightly apprehensive as this really is a "heavy-duty" scrub, and my sensitive skin is much more used to the gentler sugar scrubs. However, this posed absolutely no problem and there was no sign of any irritation whatsoever on my skin. A+!

RRP €2.99.  The Cocoa Brown range is available in Penneys, Boots, as well as countless pharmacies nationwide and online @

I for one get extremely frustrated when those last patches of tan just won't budge around those stubborn areas - all I want to do is have that fresh glow again, yet I have to wait around and be pale until they decide to go? Not cool!
 If you're like me then this exfoliator is your saviour. It's perfect for prepping before applying or reapplying your tan to give a flawlessly smooth glow. Just remember to exfoliate the day before you tan.

Gorgeous colour, delicious scent, great price, and really does do what it says. What's not to love?