Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Brand of the Month - Dead Sea Spa Magik

Recently I've been getting into researching the ingredients in beauty products, and I've found that its causing me to think carefully about what's really good for your skin. Dead Sea Spa Magik boasts a whole load of benefits, topped off with being made from certified organic ingredients!

I can have extremely dry skin at times (especially with this lovely freezing weather Ireland's been getting lately) so I was delighted when I got some of these products as a gift for Christmas. It literally says hydration all over, and that's exactly what I needed!

I've religiously been using both the Silky Smooth Body Lotion and Rich Moisturiser for about a month now, and honestly, I just love them. I went online straight away to find out where to purchase these, and the whole range is available from McCabe's pharmacy. With both being around the nine euro mark, these are definitely a bargain for something that feels so luxurious.

I'll be posting a few more reviews on the rest of the range as I get to use the other products a bit more, but so far I'm just in love with this brand.

Have you ever tried Dead Sea Spa Magik, or anything similar?