Friday, 21 March 2014

Essie Pink Picks

FROM L-R: Sugar Daddy, Lovie Dovie, Cute as a Button, Jam n' Jelly

Since Essie landed at Sam McCauley's, I've become a complete addict. Any polish I've tried since just doesn't compare to the incredible lasting power of these, and the packaging is irresistible!

Needless to say I might have a thing for pinks. Maybe. These four above have been accumulated by the ladies in my family over the past while, and I just adore all of the shades. From a beautiful, sheer baby peach pink (Sugar Daddy), to a gorgeous hot pink with an unusual purple shimmer (Jam n' Jelly) - I'm in love! Essie really have their shades down to a tee. Even though there's about thirty pink shades alone - I find myself wanting them all.

Lovie Dovie is probably the most well-known of these four, being the perfect dolly pink shade. However, its Sugar Daddy that I find myself loving the most - even though its incredibly sheer, it's absolutely perfect for using as a top coat for French manicure.

All of these shades boast amazing lasting power along with a glossy finish - what more could you want? I definitely have nothing bad to say about Essie polishes, except that I find them slightly on the pricey side. However I think its definitely worth investing in their more basic, nude shades which you'll find yourself wearing on a regular basis - I have my eye on Sand Tropez at the moment!