Friday, 11 April 2014

Beauty Tips: Coconut Oil

By now I'd say anyone who reads beauty blogs is well-versed on the benefits of lovely natural coconut oil - but I'm so obsessed with it that I had to put my own post up!
This stuff is pretty solid - surprisingly - however it easily melts into a smooth, oily consistency. Perfect for a multitude of beauty uses. Now I know plenty of people use this on their face for a boost of hydration, and I'm sure it works wonders, but I'd say just be careful not to slather it everywhere. It has the potential to clog pores, however  its perfect for popping on any dry patches.
Skin care aside, my primary use for coconut is as an intensely hydrating hair mask - no need to splash out on those expensive potions. This huge tub will literally last you so long. I usually leave it overnight, shampooing it out in the morning, and my hair always feels so soft and nourished.

This video by Annie Jaffrey is really helpful and great way to incorporate it into a routine!

Do you use coconut oil for beauty purposes?