Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush

I'm really not into blushes. Having quite pale, sensitive skin means that my cheeks can do it themselves, even with foundation on, which is why I always used to steer well clear of anything that would add any sort of extra colour. However, when I was in Debenhams one day browsing around the Benefit counter, I thought I'd try one of their constantly raved about box of blushers.

Now, I didn't exactly want Sugarbomb. I was about to try and have a nice quiet browse, swatching the different offerings when the girl working there dived on me and didn't give me a second to glance at any. I know that this is typical of beauty counters but I just really can't stand it. After five minutes of trying to explain I just wanted to have a look, I gave up and just grabbed Sugarbomb and said I'd take it. This was pretty frustrating as after I went home and researched the different blushes I found that I would've much preferred to try some others.

Besides that little annoying experience, I actually do love this blush, and I'm delighted I ended up choosing it. Despite being a powder formula, it blends smoothly and seamlessly onto the skin, giving the perfect glowy flush. I've had this for quite a long time and as you can see, there's not much of a dent in it. I definitely would consider going back and trying some more shades. Out of any blushes I've tried, this is beyond a doubt the best, and I can see why its the number one selling blush over in the UK!

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush, available Debenhams, 34.00 euro