Monday, 26 May 2014

Dry & Dehydrated Skin? This might be for you...

I'm pretty much sold on a product as soon as I see the word "hydration" mentioned, especially now that we're coming into the summer months. Looks refreshing, silky, moisturising and hydrating? Give me ten please.

I picked this up as I was browsing around the chemist as my skin had decided to hate my (usually perfectly nice) foundation, and had decided to leave me with lovely patchy makeup, emphasising all my very attractive dry areas. Nice. With the promise of being a lightweight formula that would fix my combination skin woes, I was sold in about ten seconds. Was I happy with my purchase? Definitely.

Now, just to note, its not exactly a miracle worker that will automatically make your makeup look amazing, but it does work as a good, inexpensive primer that will leave your skin feeling lovely and refreshed, with a slight glow. Since I've started using this I feel as though my makeup sits much nicer on my skin, and actually doesn't turn into a patchy mess after a couple of hours. I love throwing some on even on those days when I'm not wearing any makeup, just because it feels so nice in the mornings!

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer (Normal/Combination) available 6.49 euro