Friday, 26 September 2014

A Neutral Palette Your Make-up Bag Needs

Long title over, lets get down to business. I adore my Urban Decay palettes, from the way they're packaged to the beautiful buttery-ness of the shadows themselves - I really do think they're worth the price tag. However today I won't be writing you an essay on my beloved Naked palettes, I just popped this one in as a little comparison for another gorgeous little nude offering from a different brand- Catrice. Catrice have become so popular lately and I totally understand why, they have such a vast range of products at great prices.

The Absolute Nude palette reminds me of the Naked Basics, in terms of the fact that its incredibly handy to pop in your make-up bag and cart around with you, ready to create a whole variety of looks. However, you won't be finding a palette full of matte shadows here, so beware if you're not a satin finish or glitter lover (NOTE: Just found out they have an "Absolute Matte" version - definitely next on my list to try!) . It reminds me more of the tones you'd find in the Naked 2, which are beautifully flattering for both day and night time.

And did I mention it's an absolute bargain?