Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Pampering Sunday

Even though I work on Sundays, they're still my favourite day of the week. As soon as I'm home I'll get straight into my pyjamas or comfy clothes, ready to watch a marathon of my guilty pleasures (X Factor anyone?). If I'm feeling particularly productive (or not wrecked, in other words), I might treat myself to a little bit of a pamper before the week starts. On that semi-rare occasion, here are some of the products I reach for the most:

No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser: Hot cloth cleansers seem to be one of the top products I see bloggers reaching for when their skin needs a bit of extra care. It makes your skin feel squeaky clean and refreshed, and is perfect for prepping your skin for a face mask or a good dose of moisture. 

No.7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask: One of my favourite masks of all time, this gives such a boost of hydration and feels amazingly fresh and cooling. I'm not usually too bothered repurchasing masks but I definitely will be getting this again when I run out (which probably won't be for a while - this lasts for so long).

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore: I did a full review on this over on my old website which I'll be re-posting here soon, so I'll just give a you a quick overview. I got this as a gift from my family and I just love it. It smells like washing powder (but nice... Strange, I know!), has little micro beads in it, makes pores appear so much smaller, and generally seems to give skin a boost. I usually pop it around my t-zone area for around 10 minutes.

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter: The smell. Oh the smell. Its just beautiful. It is literally just packed with ingredients I love, and its really intensely moisturising. A good bit thicker than the Sugar Crush body butter, if anyone is looking for a comparison. Makes skin incredibly soft and smells just gorgeous (did I mention that already?). The tub will last absolutely ages too.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend/Sunday and did a bit of pampering too! Let me know what products you love to give your skin a treat.