Thursday, 18 September 2014

Boots Botanics: Instant Moisture Mist

By now I'm sure we've all been introduced to the new (ish) beauty innovations that help us speed up that daily routine - particularly the ever-avoided body moisturising. Vaseline Spray & Go was the first I'd heard of, though I never took the plunge, opting instead for the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser (which is actually very handy if you find yourself stuck for time).

However, today I'll be giving a quick little review on the Boots Botanics offering. Retailing at 5.99, it's cheaper than its close rival Vaseline (though you do get an additional 40ml which would probably make up the price difference). Now, being someone who loves heavy body butters (I'm looking at you Soap & Glory), this mist feels distinctly light on the skin, however still leaves my skin feeling perfectly hydrated nonetheless. As promised, its extremely fast at absorbing and you can literally get dressed straight away. 

If you hate feeling like you have moisturiser on, then this is probably the perfect product for you. The light mist glides over the skin, and covers a large area pretty quickly. It needs to be rubbed in slightly but nothing like a typical lotion. The one and only downside to this is that I sometimes find too much product can come out randomly, however as long as you shake it up enough it should be fine!

Have you tried any spray-on moisturisers? What do you think?

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