Monday, 1 September 2014

The California Palette

ELF Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California (swatches from R-L top and bottom, whereas in palette L-R, sorry for any confusion!)

Looking for an all-round glowing palette? Well, you've found your match. Say hello to the ELF Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow palette in California. There's a few different coloured palettes in this range, but this one definitely appealed to me the most. I do love my golds!

First things first, the packaging is lovely. It comes with a giant, clear mirror which is absolutely ideal for doing makeup, and the sleek black casing is classy and practical. The shadows themselves are very glittery, so if you're not a fan I would maybe steer clear. There's a little bit of fallout when trying to pick up the shadows which can make the palette itself slightly messy but this really doesn't tend to bother me. As for application I found them pretty easy to blend, and the wear was pretty typical - not much creasing at all. Thumbs up! I personally tend to team these with matte colours to tone down the glitter just a tad, and they really make the eyes pop.

I've been using this on a regular basis since I purchased it, and I have to say I'm very happy. Despite being a glitter-filled palette the shadows are flattering and can be used to create both day and night looks. What do you think? Have you tried any of the Baked Eyeshadow palettes?