Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

Victoria's Secret in general is only available in Ireland in Dublin Airport (at least I think its already there, correct me if I'm wrong!), so when my sister came back from the US with these in tow I couldn't have been more delighted. They have been constantly raved about in the beauty world and I couldn't wait to try.

I can officially tell you that I now prefer these so much more to regular perfumes. For every reason possible. They're light, fresh, not overbearing in anyway, but at the same time having incredible lasting power. I can catch the scent of these all throughout the day compared to most perfumes which seem to become unnoticeable pretty quickly. The bottles are 250ML and will last you so long, I've literally been spritzing away every single day and I've hardly made a dent in either.

You can find these scents on the VS website here, where they're currently $14 each, 3 for $25, or 5 for $30. If you live in Ireland though, I'm afraid you might have to pop in to the airport shop if you're heading away!