Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Quick Review: Vaseline Spray & Go

I have been crazy, crazy busy lately so unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to take photos/write posts. Nonetheless I really wanted to pop a quick post up on Vaseline's Spray and Go moisturiser, because I am seriously in love with it.

If you're a lazy moisturiser (lets face it - its Winter now, we're all lazy moisturisers) this is just the dream product. I know it was talked about a huge amount on its release a good while back, but its definitely worth picking up again if you've forgotten about it. I've used a good few spray moisturisers which I've talked about before, but this one tops the list by far.

Its light, the mist is so fine and just glides over the skin, it really does dry in seconds, and it literally just leaves the skin feeling so soft, nourished and smelling gorgeous. When I bought it in Boots it was on offer, and it still might be so go go go!

P.S. yes, the Christmas themed backgrounds have begun. No apologies.