Saturday, 8 November 2014

Washing Your Makeup Brushes

We all know what we should be doing, but its often the case that we end up never getting around to doing it. And yes, I'm talking about cleaning your makeup brushes. It takes effort, drying time, and frankly most people just couldn't be bothered (me included sometimes). However, it really is a necessity that ensures you won't be breaking out due to bacteria or dirt building up on the brushes. Not only is it beneficial for health reasons, but by washing your brushes on a regular basis your makeup actually applies so much smoother. And your brushes will stay in great condition and will last you a lot longer.

Enough with the little lecture though, and on to the practical part. Ideally I wash my brushes every week, and at the moment I'm using the blendercleanser that came with my beauty blender, as it can be used on makeup brushes too. I'm not fussy about what I wash my brushes with as long as its gentle - I've used shampoo before, along with my favourite thing to use: baby shampoo. You can even get the Johnson's baby shampoo in a smaller bottle which is perfect for travelling. I dampen the brushes with lukewarm water, and start to swirl them in whatever cleanser I'm using. This can take a few tries as certain brushes (ahem, buffing brushes) can really hold onto makeup. Rinse your brushes well, as you don't want any residue left over which could cause your makeup to apply streaky. And, you're done! I usually leave my brushes standing upright in a jar to dry, or you could lay them across a towel either.

How do you wash your brushes?