Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cute Gift Idea - Homemade Terrarium

I have literally become obsessed with terrariums. If you've never heard of them, just go onto Pinterest and search them. They are adorable! Even though Valentine's day has obviously passed, I thought it would still be useful to put up the one I made (when I say I, it actually took my whole family to try and put this together!), just in case anyone was looking for something a bit more unusual to give as a gift.

Everything used here is easily available and not expensive at all. The only difficult part is finding small indoor plants (succulents) or some cactus. You can find loads of little ones in white pots in Ikea though, and they usually come in sets of three. A word of warning - if you're going down the cactus route, buy a jar with a really large opening. It was pretty painful trying to get them into this one! Other than that I think these are such a cute idea, and really handy for putting on desks or small spaces. You can literally make them in any sort of glass container, in any style you like! I used this Ikea tutorial for guidance if you're interested in exactly how to put this together.