Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review | Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum

I'll be honest, when I first started using this product I was a bit on the "I have no idea what this does but I'm using every day anyway". It came in a beautiful Clarins gift set I got over Christmas, and goes hand in hand with the HydraQuench cream - a dream for my dry/combination, dehydrated skin. 

According to the Clarins' website, this serum:
"replenishes very thirsty skin, helps restore the skin's natural hydration mechanisms, promotes soft, comfortable, radiant and matte skin"

And let me tell you, that it does. Like I said, I was a bit clueless to what this was supposed to do at first. I had never really bothered with serums before and never thought they would make a huge difference anyway - I was very wrong. When I really noticed the product working was when I stopped using it for a few days when I went back to college without it one week. I immediately noticed my skin lacked a radiance that it had when I was constantly using the serum. The formula itself is lightweight, fast-absorbing and makes the skin feel immediately smoother and softer. Waking up the next morning after using it, my skin kept that softness and it felt more refreshed than usual. This is another one that I'll be putting straight on the repurchase list! It's quite a pricey product at 54 euro on, but if you can manage to get it within a gift or travel set (there are some great ones at Sam McCauley's from time to time), they're great value and you'll definitely get the use out of all of the products.