Sunday, 29 March 2015

Review | Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub & Twilight Shower Gel

I thought I'd review these two Lush goodies together, considering I rarely ever purchase anything from the store despite being tempted in by the delicious smells anytime I'm passing. This is the Twilight Shower Gel, and Bubblegum Lip Scrub (both of which live up to the amazing smelling reputation, in case you were wondering). I've used the lip scrub plenty of times before, which I suppose would be your first indication of the fact I might like it...

The lip scrub is pretty much exactly what it says it is - it smells like bubblegum, tastes like bubblegum, and is bright pink. Pretty adorable and tempting to pick up on that alone. The product itself is great - its natural and does its job perfectly. Pick up a small bit, massage it on the lips, rinse (or eat) it off, and you're left with a smooth base, which is great for putting a repairing balm on.

Moving on to the Twilight Shower Gel, its another pretty looking product. Although it looks very dark in the bottle, once you pour it out its a shimmery deep purple, which is supposed to mimic the night sky. I tend to use this at night time, as it says, since it is packed with lavender (as in your whole house will literally smell like lavender) for ultimate relaxation. Its a great treat product if you don't have time (or like me, don't actually have) a bath.

Lush are another brand who are against animal testing.You can find their products by clicking here.