Monday, 20 April 2015

Review | Boots Botanics All Bright Serum & Cleanser

I adore the Boots Botanics range, it uses great ingredients, and the fact that you'll regularly find the brand on either 3 for 2 or half price doesn't hurt either. These two products, the Radiance Concentrate Serum along with the Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution are both from the All Bright range. I picked up the micellar water one day since I couldn't find my Garnier version anywhere, and it was a huge bargain.

The micellar water is a light, gentles formula as you'd expect. Its non-greasy, disappears instantly and does a really good job of cleansing the skin well. It has mild exfoliating properties (which I believe is from the AHAs included in the ingredients) which adds to the brightening effect the product claims to have. I always tend to be apprehensive when daily products offer exfoliation, but this is so gentle that it has never irritated my skin and just leaves it feeling really refreshed. I tend to use either an oil cleanser (like The Body Shop Camomile version) or a foaming face wash before I use any micellar water, but honestly I've used it plenty of times on its own and its taken off my makeup just fine, though I do tend to wear quite light makeup on a daily basis. Its a product that I've purchased over and over again, and I'll definitely keep doing so!

The serum from the range is quite light and fuss-free. I didn't notice anything dramatic in terms of my skin changing from using it, but I did notice that my skin felt nice and hydrated and soft in the mornings when I had applied it the night before. I wouldn't say its something that you need, but if you're looking to add a serum in to your routine I definitely think this is worth the purchase. You can't go wrong with the natural ingredients and great price, and a serum like this will last you quite a while too! 

I've been using some of the moisturisers from the Botanics range too, I'll keep you updated on how I'm getting on with those soon!

Boots Botanics range available online here or in store