Sunday, 26 April 2015

Review | Nía Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm

A couple of weeks ago I was sent this beautiful cleansing balm from Nía Natural Skincare, and I couldn't have been happier. I had been eyeing up various cleansing balms for a while now, wanting to see if I could find something to really give my skin a clean besides my oils and micellar waters. And let me tell you, this is exactly what I needed!

The Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm is literally packed with gorgeously scented (and recognisable, most importantly) ingredients. From reading the ingredients list I knew my skin would get along just fine with this creamy product full of pampering goodies, which are 100% natural and free from any preservatives or colour. Just to note, I have quite sensitive combination skin that leans more towards the dry side, and can be prone to some redness as well.

Firstly, the packaging is hugely practical and, of course, very pretty. The screw lid tin makes the product hygienic and easy to manage, and the light and handy size means its perfect to leave on the bathroom shelf. Along with the cleansing balm itself, the product includes three biodegradable cleansing cloths, along with a spatula to apply the balm.

The instructions recommended to apply a small amount of the balm with the spatula onto a damp face and neck, and then massage the product gently into the skin. After that, run the cloth under hand hot water and wipe off the product. I followed these steps every time - and I can honestly tell you after doing this I felt like I had just had a facial. My skin felt incredibly pampered. Not only was it squeaky clean, but it was left feeling unbelievably soft and moisturised, a huge comparison to when I use foam washes. The actual scent of the product is so luxurious too - everything about it gives off the impression of a high-end pampering treat, only its one that can be used daily. I've been using the product consistently over the past few weeks, and I still have a huge amount left, as its only necessary to use a small amount at a time.

I'm completely converted to cleansing balms, and I have to say I am hugely impressed with this offering from Nía. It's often very difficult for me to find something that will give my skin a thorough clean without irritating it, but this little beauty does that no problem!

 Nía Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm is 19.95 euro, available here