Friday, 3 April 2015

The Handbag Lip Products

You'd think by looking at the photo above that I went around and collected these lip products for the purpose of this post. I actually just took them all out of my handbag. Yes, all of these lip products were in my handbag at the same time (and for a long time, too). Plus two lip balms. Not pictured.

You might think this is a little unnecessary, particularly considering they're all just various shades of nude and/or pink. And you would be right - I'm just really lazy and keep throwing a product in every morning after I use it. But I thought I would write a quick post on all of the goodies I found lurking around my bag, because they really are the perfect on-the-go, no-hassle shades. Find all the details below (click through the names to find the products on McCauleys).

From L-R:

I'll be doing some more detailed reviews on the products listed separately very soon.