Saturday, 20 June 2015

Beauty by Eimear | Weekly Round-Up

There have been so many posts going up on Beauty by Eimear lately that I thought it would be nice to start a little weekly round-up where all of the week's posts are linked to make it a tad easier to browse. Since I'm on Instagram 24/7 I thought it'd be nice to throw in a few random photos and do it in a little bit of an Insta-review format. 

1. Saturday lunch in Cafe Coco

2. New post on coconut oil - the updated version (here)
3. Tigi Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner review (here)
4. Bag from River Island

5. Tan Organic Self-Tan review (here)
6. June Beauty Staples (here)
7. Makeup mess! Products listed in June Beauty Staples
8. Beautiful flowers from last Saturday's walk
9. What Sundays are all about...