Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review | Tan Organic Self-Tan (& Mitt!)

So, a couple of weeks back I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015 (which was an amazing night, you can read a little bit more about it if you fancy here). The attendees on the night were treated to a goody bag full to the brim of a range of products and offers, including this bottle of Tan Organic and the matching mitt, as the brand were the main sponsor of the event. I've been trialing this out ever since and I thought I'd pop a post up on it as it's definitely the most unusual out of any tan I've tried yet, and offers something a little bit different.

First off, as you've probably guessed, Tan Organic is a natural self tan packed with loads of gorgeous organic ingredients that are very recognisable (thumbs up for that!). Usually ingredients lists look like a bunch of nonsense, and we haven't a clue what we're putting on our body, but that's not the case with this product. 

The texture of the product itself is completely liquid, so as you might guess it's very runny. I received the accompanying mitt which I was delighted with, as it helped me get to grips a little bit easier with the application. The mitt itself is very soft in comparison to the foam-feeling mitts I usually use. The instructions state that you pour a couple of drops of the product onto the mitt and rub in circles (this was probably the most critical aspect of the process, I found), and then leave for 6-8 hours to develop. I've been putting it on at night-time so I tend to sleep with it on and shower in the mornings and you're literally left with a completely natural looking glow.

I was extremely happy with how the colour turned out, as I have quite pale natural skin and some self-tans can look quite harsh on me. This leaves me with a noticeable but subtle glow on the first application and then a darker, long-lasting tan on second application (I've been applying two nights in a row each time). I've found that there's no wanting to scrub it off after a couple of days, as it just slowly fades like a natural tan.

When I first tried the product I was apprehensive about how the results would turn out, as I had been so used to using mousse products which can seem to be easier to apply. However, I'm completely converted to how gorgeous this tan turns out, and it proved to be a lot less difficult to use than I had thought! The one warning I would have is to ensure you're following the instructions completely and stick to gently rubbing in circles, otherwise you may be left with streaks. It's definitely turned into being a staple in my routine, and I'm hoping the bottle will last me a long time!

You can find more information on Tan Organic on the company's website here.