Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Review | Fuschia Nudes Palette

Fuschia Makeup are quite a new brand to me. I hadn't seen them anywhere before save for a few blogger reviews, and I had always been curious about the brand. Fast forward to the Irish Blogger Conference and I was lucky enough to get one of these gorgeous palettes in the goody bag.

The Nudes Palette contains 7 nude shades in both shimmer and matte forms, ranging from a matte pink-toned nude that's perfect for using all over the lid to a matte black that's perfect for deepening an eye look. In between there's quite a pretty range of lightly pink/taupe/champagne toned shimmers, a chocolate matte brown that leans more on the warm, red side along with a shimmery deep brown.

Looking at the formula itself, I found the product a bit more powdery and less buttery than some of my other palettes, such as W7's Lightly Toasted. In saying that, it hasn't stopped me reaching for it quite regularly as I do love the shades and find them perfect to wear on a daily basis. The matte brown shade blends really well and is a perfect crease shade, while the second shadow - a champagne shimmer shade, is perfect for all over the lid. I get quite good use out of all of the shades which is quite unusual with a palette - but I do love my neutrals!

The packaging of the product is simple, cardboard style packaging that's a little bit less durable, but again in saying that I've had no problem with it wearing as of yet. The lightweight nature and slim design means that it's perfect for travel - the fact that it's packed with neutral shades means that you'll have all you need too to create a range of looks. 

The palette is priced at 25 euro which seems quite expensive when compared to something along the lines of the W7 palette or Maybelline The Nudes palette. However, I do love the shade offering and it is a good quick and easy palette to have for a daily basis.

You can find more about the brand on their website here.