Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Review | Rimmel Radiance BB Cream & Wake Me Up Concealer

A couple of weeks back I posted this photo on Instagram, and said I'd post a review after trying them out - so here I am!

I've been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer for a long time now, so this was only a repurchase again for me. In short, it's light, creamy and great for under the eyes (as the name suggests!) but it's also good for pinpoint concealing if you're looking for a lighter formula.

Moving on then to the BB Cream, I had only tried the Matte version previously (the blue one!), so this was a new purchase for me. I love anything described as radiant or dewy - so I picked this straight up as soon as I spotted it. As well as that, I was looking for a lighter base for the summer as I had been feeling that my foundations were a little bit heavy in the heat. 

At first I had mixed opinions about the BB Cream, but I soon realised I just had to find out what application suited my skin the best. Once I began using my Beauty Blender to lightly blend the product in, it started to work great for me. A lot of people feel that blending with your fingers works quite well for BB Creams too, so it's a good idea to try a few different application methods out to find what suits you.

The product itself is extremely dewy and radiant as promised, and gives a lovely glow to the skin. Not much is needed to get quite good coverage, which is a huge plus. As the product is quite glowy, I usually dust a small bit of powder (Physician's Formula Super BB Powder) over any areas prone to get very shiny. It's a great base for days when you want to use something a bit lighter than standard foundations, or when you just want to get that dewy-skin look.

You can find both products in pharmacies or on here and here (and I've just spotted that it's buy one get one half price on Rimmel products!)