Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dull, Dry Hair? Try This

With long hair comes a lot of not-so-nice split ends, dryness, and often dullness, or so I'm finding out recently. My hair has been lacklustre, and it just hasn't been feeling great. Not wanting to splash out on more masks or treatments that mightn't work, I turned to the internet to see if I could find a natural remedy that I could make myself, with the things I had already. I usually use coconut oil and it does work effectively, but I was looking to try something different.

And what did I find? Olive oil, mixed with essential oil. That's all, and believe me, it works. I poured 4 tablespoons (though 3 would be plenty) of olive oil into a bowl, gently warmed it, and added 2 drops of lavender oil I had from Boots (I usually use it for steaming purposes, so I'm glad I've found another use!), and worked it through my hair, concentrating mainly on the ends. I left the DIY mask on overnight and washed it out the next morning. I cleansed my hair twice to be sure all of the oil was gone, and used conditioner and heat defence as normal.

My hair felt incredibly soft, I had never seen instant effects like it. Apparently, the addition of the essential oil makes the mask work a lot better, along with having the oil warm. I'm no expert, so I would recommend looking this up and doing a bit of research, but it's so easy and effective - I'm seriously impressed. I'm planning on doing this once a week, and hopefully my hair will thank me!

Let me know if you try!

Eimear x